Italian Meatball Sub

This ultimate meatball sub is a mouthwatering masterpiece, featuring perfectly seasoned Polidori meatballs made from a blend of premium pork and spices. Nestled in a soft, toasted sub roll, the meatballs are smothered in a rich and zesty marinara sauce, adding a bold and tangy flavor profile. Topped with melted cheese and garnished with fresh herbs, this sandwich is a delectable Italian-inspired indulgence that satisfies both the senses and the appetite.

Made with: Item #1050 – Meatballs, Beef & Pork, CKD, 1 oz.

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MEATBALLS 2 OZ. ITEM #1051 in box
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Item 1051 - Meatballs, Beef & Pork, CKD, 2 oz.

Item 1051 - Meatballs, Beef & Pork, CKD, 2 oz.