Our Company

In August of 1925, Anna Polidori and her husband Rocco open Polidori’s Grocery and Meat Market in North Denver.  As the butcher in the Meat Market, Anna would regularly cook up her family heirloom sausage recipes for pure enjoyment in the back of the store.  The aroma of the sausages enticed customers to want to purchase Anna’s Italian Sausages.  Steadily as the years past Anna continued to sell sausage from the meat counter at Polidori’s Grocery to both walk in customers and restaurants.

In 1945 Anna’s sons Louis and Augie Polidori would take over the grocery store.  For the next 37 years the two brothers would grow the sausage business into a successful industry.  After the passing of Anna in 1982, the grocery store is sold and Louis Polidori moves the meat processing plant to its current location today.

Louis was successful in getting King Soopers to carry Polidori Sausage in the fresh meat cases.

Today, Polidori sells several varieties of fresh sausages to Albertsons, King Soopers, Safeway and Spinellis Market.

Lou’s grandson and 4th generation Polidori, Steven joins the business in 1992 and brings along fresh ideas for automating the processing which allowed the business to run more efficiently.

In 2003 with the business growing, Melodie Polidori Harris, Steve’s sister and great granddaughter to Anna joins the company and brings new insight into small business and marketing.   Together, the 4th generation Polidori’s land several new customers focusing on the long standing traditions of Anna’s quality and consistency.

Today, Polidori’s continues to upgrade equipment and operating procedures in an effort to continue producing the highest quality sausage products.  Polidori takes extreme pride in operating in full compliance with the SSOP/HACCP programs as outlined by the USDA.

Awarded Best Italian Sausage in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 by Andiamo magazine, Polidori continues to make all sausage products with less fat by using only the finest cuts of pork and all natural spices with no MSG or preservatives just like Anna did back in 1925.  In addition to Italian sausage, Polidori offers all pork Chorizo, breakfast sausages, bratwursts and their heirloom meatballs.  They also make proprietary sausage recipes for a number of restaurants.

A large number of Polidori products are available through food service purveyors throughout Colorado and the rest of the country.  We appreciate the loyal support of our customers.

We are proud to carry on our great grandmother’s family recipes an take great pride in operating a family run company.  Anna would be proud to see her family traditions live on in Polidori Sausage.